Fr Eamonn Kelly


Fr Kelly on one of the mountains overlooking the terrible poverty of Trujillo In Calcutta, the street drainage is unable to cope with the monsoon rains and so the streets flood. Fr Kelly takes a wee break on Shudder Street, Calcutta. The locals are friendly and call him ‘uncle’.
For days after the rains the streets of Calcutta remain like a river and vehicles and pedestrians look for a safe passage. Here Fr Kelly toys with the idea that a taxi would be comfortable but realises that the money could be used more effectively elsewhere. Fr Kelly and Roan Scully (of GOAL) outside the Missionary of Charity run Gandhiji Prem Nivas Leprosy Centre at Titagarh. It is called after Mahatma Gandhi who was also very good to the lepers and who helped them a lot. One day, fed up with yet another potential soaking, Fr Kelly makes some handy rain gear from a black plastic bag.